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We believe in better living through cycling.It’s at the core of everything our company stands for. Because for us, cycling is more than just an activity. It’s a way of life that spins off into everything you do. Better for you. Better for the community. Better for the environment. It’s a movement that is growing each and every day. A movement of liberty, autonomy and the pure joy of simply being on two wheels. Join us for the ride.


Uptown, downtown and everywhere in between
With their classic looks and minimalistic design, these easy-to-ride, easy-to-maintain urban favorites really put the fun into function. The Urbanistas have shared runways with plenty of fashion greats, proving yet again that they’re the nation’s most fashion-forward bikes. They’ve been featured in Ottawa’s very own Velovogue Fashion Show, on the runway at “Le Festival de Mode de Montréal” and at Cyclechic in Vancouver. The dashing designs, artfully selected colors and newest models set the style scene for 2016 and well beyond.

Bikes Available in store Opus Zermatt Women’s,Classico 2 and  Classico Lightweight


Road warriors. Pathfinders. Freewheeling spirits. If you’re one to take the road less travelled, Opus Adventure lives up to its namesake, again and again. Sturdy. Comfortable. Reliable. These bikes are built for whatever road you’re out to discover.

Available in store: Opus Spark 1 Spark 2 Spark 3 and Spark 4


First for kids. First for parents. This superb collection of bikes for kids of all ages puts safety and durability
out front. Easy to ride. Safe. And fun. These great bikes are guaranteed to have them following in your
tracks. And for the teenagers in your home, leading the way !

Available in store: Opus Nix and Thumper