Electric Bikes


For those seeking a new and better way,  Electric has arrived. Ergonomic design, advanced engineering and smooth electric assist.  Electric bikes have it all.
So plug-in and feel the difference. You’ll get a whole new charge every time you ride.

Opus Connect

Your daily vehicle of choice. An electric bike that’s fun for all!
Half electric, half bike, the Opus Connect is the smarter transport solution. Powered by the Shimano STEPS system, the Connect makes commuting and running errands easy and fun. The power-assisted ride lets you go further with less effort. The custom rack and integrated light let you carry more and worry less. And the tool-free seat and handlebar adjustments make sharing a cinch. The new Opus Connect. Re-think what’s possible.

Evo Headway 3.0

Step-on-through to miles of smiles.

The Headway is a well-appointed and beautifully-styled modern city & path bike. Driven by a powerful Shimano STePs drivetrain, and featuring a lightweight easy-to-step-through aluminum frame, all-weather brakes and comfortable saddle add-up to make the Headway the only eBike you’ll need in your urban quiver

Evo Fastway 3.0

Fit, fun and fast!

Ride it to school or to work, on the path or a light trail. The Fastway is a versatile fitness eBike that gives you the freedom to pick your own path. Lightweight and easy to ride, the Fastway’s aluminum frame, comfortable saddle, capable tires and powerful Shimano STePS drivetrain makes this bike a no-brainer for virtually any fitness rider with a need for speed.

Evo Terraway 7

Boldly going where you want to go!

From the bike path to the street or a light trail, the Terraway literally is your do-it-all dual-sport ebike. It’s confidence inspiring disc brakes, trail-worthy tires and powerful 550W Integrated D-Series BoinX motor gives you the freedom to quickly go where you want to go.